"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.

Entitlement Stinks!

September 20, 2023
When one of our sons was younger, he went through a stage where he became very entitled.  It was a challenging period for us because no matter what we did, he would feel that he was being grossly mistreated and lived with a sense of injustice.  He felt like everyon...
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Little Boxes

August 23, 2023
The title 'little boxes' always makes me think of the song Little Boxes.  My favourite version is from Walk off the Earth. Video link below. You’re welcome. I digress… I am not a fan of little boxes; I am talking about the little boxes we create for ourselves a...
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Where there is smoke, is there a fire?   I can’t help it; I see leadership lessons everywhere.  In every conversation, in every story. Isn’t it weird when disaster strikes, how curious we become about understanding what went wrong? I recently had...
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Trust is not fluffy!

May 31, 2023
Trust is not fluffy! In fact, it is hard, which is why many avoid it.This month I want to dive into the remarkable benefits of vulnerability-based trust within your team and how it can unleash the power of authenticity. It is the foundation of any successful team, and by emb...
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Riding Shotgun!

April 19, 2023
"Shotgun!" My boys used to yell this out as they elbowed each other to get to the front seat when we would leave in the morning for the school run.According to Wikipedia, "riding shotgun" was a phrase used to describe the bodyguard who rides alongside a stagecoach driver, ty...
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Parenting, like leadership is all about empowering and equipping people to take the lead.As a parent, you spend your whole life training your children up to be kind, considerate, fully functional adults. And at some point, you have to step aside and trust that everything you...
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Set a Vision and Cast it!

January 20, 2023
I am not sure if it is cynicism or wisdom, but as each year goes by, I am less about the New Year resolution hype and more about value-driven goals.  I haven’t done New Year resolutions for at least a decade but spend time at the end and beginning of each year do...
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The Unseen Pain

December 14, 2022
I recently had a recurring pain which I have since learned is due to a severe sinus infection. I have had it before. It seems to hit me around October. This time it really hit me hard. I would describe the pain as having a hot poker stabbed into my face under my le...
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Drawing a line in the sand.

November 1, 2022
A point beyond which one will not go; a limit to what one will do or accept.Where is your line?Do you have one?Did you have one that has been blurred or rubbed out?Have you surrendered it?This blog is not informational it is conversational. It is an invitation to figure...
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Playing it safe, isn't so safe.

September 29, 2022
Part of being a leader requires you to be open and ready for change and growth. As the world changes, leaders need to adjust and be prepared to lead others in that change. This requires us to be curious and to be open to making a mistake every now and then. The acid test ...
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