Strategic Intervention coach, speaker and facilitator.



I work with Leaders to unlock, ignite & equip them so that they can build, release and empower others for excellence.

I work with successful, but frustrated leaders to unlock their brilliance, ignite their vision, so others can follow. I equip them with the tools for creating effective teams, together we build their teams for excellence.

My Mission is to passionately pursue my purpose, which is to encourage, equip and ignite others to do the same. I come alongside them and we work together.

South African born, I now live in Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand.  I am married to my best friend for over 30 years and have three gorgeous boys.  I am a Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and occasional Blogger. 


Coming from a corporate background in the Training & Development field, I left my corporate role to follow my passion to train in sales, customer service and leadership. I then started my own business in 2008 as the founder of KBN, a Christian networking organisation, which I ran until selling it in 2015. At the same time, I was also the owner and editor of Connect Magazine, which was a Christian Business Magazine, where I continued to develop and coach Entrepreneurs in their businesses. After completing a course with Catalyst Coaching Academy, I was invited to join the Catalyst Coaching team as a Level 3 Coach where I coached exclusively for them in the corporate space until moving to New Zealand in 2015 to work with Business Edge as a Life Strategies Coach. In 2017 I started Tracey Olivier Consulting where I have been serving leaders and their teams through coaching and facilitation.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and shifting people in business and life. I have the ability to connect with people from every sector, so am comfortable to work within large corporations as well as with solo entrepreneurs. Using my strength as a Developer, I am able to recognise and draw out people’s potential and as a Futuristic, I can help them see their end goal. I am an activator and so am able to ignite and activate people to achieve those goals.


The former President of the Cambridge Toastmasters, former Educator Co-ordinator of the Te Awamutu BNI Chapter and former Venus Regional Area Manager for the Waikato, and Chair the Executive team of the Cambridge Chamber of Business. I am fascinated with the Art of Leading. I speak and write on a range of topics around leadership and personal growth. I am a natural encourager and people say that my infectious joy and the fact that I am a champion of hope will ensure, that I leave my audience and clients inspired, encouraged, equipped and ignited.

I am a proud member of the professional network of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group—CAPAPRO (which stands for the Consultant and Practitioner Alliance). As a member, I receive ongoing, exclusive professional development, tools and training directly from Lencioni and his team at the Table Group about how to best help clients utilize their proven approach to achieve organizational health.

In so doing, I specifically help:
• Teams overcome the dysfunctions that impede performance and optimize cohesion
• Organizations create clarity that minimizes politics and confusion and maximizes alignment
• Managers improve employee engagement and productivity
• Leaders become more effective






The best way to know if I'm the right person for you, is to meet!  Simply book a time that works for you and we can get started with a 1/2 hour, no strings attached, exploratory session.  I get to see what you need and you get to see if we are a fit

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Creativity as a Strategy!

I love what I do! I know, I am incredibly blessed, because lots of people don’t. They go to work and do a job, for some it  is just a way to pay the bills, for some it’s an awful experience Read more

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