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Shelly Davies, Shelly Davies Writing

Living in the Vivid Vision!

"Thank you for coming over today and seeing my new office space,  it was so rewarding, and I didn’t realise until today how much I have achieved in a small space of time.  When I first came to you in June 2022,  I had no expectations of what might unfold.  When we had our first meeting you had such a warm, loving and friendly vibe, I knew then I had a great feeling about what was in store for me.   I was so excited.  With our meetings, you helped me dig deep into my soul and reach for my goals.  Which to be quite honest, I never thought I would achieve.  You gave me homework, which was very scary and daunting, but then I got on a roll and began to love it.  You helped me realise that if you put your mind to things they can be achieved.   If it wasn’t for you and the help and guidance you have given me, I would never have got to open my new office and expand my business.  I am truly grateful for everything you have done and look forward to sharing and growing my journey with you."

Jo Buckley, Founder and Director of Simplified Office Systems.

"Tracey has a great ability to take a 'model' and use it to extract a business specific plan. There is also a concrete outcome that can be used to share what we need to do with the team as well as providing  enough meat to actually generate actions."

David Slone,General Manager Strategy & Capability of CSC Buying Group

"I had the privilege of attending Tracey's Management training... this week and had an awesome day!  Tracey's enthusiasm, leadership and sheer talent shined through from beginning to end.  I found it to be great team building and personal experience, refreshing in her approach and rewarding in the results we all gained.  Thank you ;-)"

Lorraine Ray, Office Manager of Waratah Farms

"The training was totally focused on achieving the outcome our business required and definitely delivered. Tracey is very intuitive and listened to the needs of our team members and was able to hone in on the specific personalities of our team and immediately recommend how we can harness our strengths to move forward."

Heather Claycomb, Director of HMC

Jeanette and I got to work with HMC Communications

“Tracey facilitated a session with my team at HMC Communications to do a deep dive into one of our company’s core values: integrity.  She did a great job of setting the scene, while leading us through discussion points that helped us define the value better.  She also helped us to all understand how living our value of integrity plays out in our day to day work.  Tracey offered a great balance of leading, facilitating and empowering us to discuss and act.  One of the best parts of the session was making us commit to some actions, which ensured that the time spent wasn’t just a talk-fest.

“Alongside Tracey, she brought in Jeanette Bremner to offer a visual recording of our session.  We had never experienced this, and found it a really great add-on to the workshop.  We now have a visual reminder hanging up in our office which is a great reminder of our sharing and learnings on the day.”

Heather Claycomb, Director of HMC Communications.

Clients I have worked with

"We recently used Tracey to facilitate a vital "moving forward/planning" session for our senior team. This  meeting was essential to have some open dialogue that would help shape our future together. Our initial "one day" focus session also came with some apprehension.

Having each completed a questionaire, Tracey was able to quickly gain our confidence and focused on our individual strengths and then  helped us understand the value of how each team member contributed to the team. Further, she also helped us understand the potential flip side of those strengths too and identified gaps in our team's skill set.  

Using her strong coaching skills, professionalism and her personality we achieved our goals for the session which brought further unity to the team.

Understanding the value of her contribution to our team we intend to engage Tracey on an on-going basis."

Henry Wong, CFO of  Huhu Studios.

"The great thing about working with someone like Tracey is they help your team to see things that otherwise you wouldn’t see on your own.  In our case, the team members got to understand each other a lot better, through the strengths assessment.  As a result, we play to each other’s strengths a lot better than in the past, which makes us a better team all round.

Another advantage of our work with Tracey is that we have identified a number of bottlenecks in our systems and procedures, and we are actively working to address that.  The ongoing follow-up with Tracey is helping us to stay on track, so we can make measurable progress and become a better company in the end."

Jacob, Bethel Building, Christchurch

“We recently completed a ‘Tribe Why’ facilitation with Tracey Olivier. Our team found the day to be extremely beneficial in providing a heightened level of trust, collaboration and clarity about why it is that we do what we do. Understanding our ‘Why’ has assisted us in growing closer as a leadership team.

We also feel it has set a very strong foundation for our future growth and expansion.
Having identified our ‘Why’ provides us with greater clarity and alignment when making strategic decisions. Tracey facilitated this day in a really relaxed yet professional way.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to develop and empower a high performance team ”

Daniel Klinkenberg, Manageing Director of Urban Homes

"The few months spent with Tracey going through the Visioneering Process was amazing.  The very personalised journey was just what I needed to help gain clarity, bring insight and focus to my new business venture. 
Tracey asked the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions that were in line with my strengths, values and goals.   If you are ‘stuck’ or just don’t feel like you are making progress in your business or in your journey through life I would highly recommend spending time with Tracey.  Her bubbly, energetic nature combined with her professionalism make her a pleasure to work with."

Karen Rieser, Resonate Marketing

"Had the absolute pleasure of attending one of Tracey's Best Year Yet workshops today.

It was a fabulous opportunity to examine the year past and explore the year ahead, encompassing personal values and roles, then making some concrete goals for the way forward. I was worried this would be a tough process. But the opposite was true.

Tracey's positive vibrancy and ease of connection, guiding us step-by-step, infused with snippets of life-skill wisdom and practical application made for an enjoyable and impactful morning.
Highly and happily recommend working with Tracey Olivier Consulting in a heartbeat. Cheers."

Monique Wiles

Tracey is an absolutely amazing Coach. I had a couple of sessions with her and I can honestly say that I had one of the biggest breakthroughs I`ve ever experienced. I can`t speak highly enough about her. She`s super smart, knows what she`s talking about but more importantly she made me feel safe, comfortable and totally at ease.... and helped me move forward with clarity and action. Wonderful.

Yvette Pearce-McManaway

"I was lucky enough to attend Tracey's workshop on "Creating Your Best Year Yet", last year. WOW, what an advantage it is to start 2018 with a plan. Her down to earth, positive attitude is a breath of fresh air, I wish all trainers were like Tracey.  Thanks very much for getting my year started!     A+

Jo Foster, Owner of Mobile Travel Broker

"Tracey has really helped me unlock the potential inside myself and allowed me to see that. An awesome person and such an inspiration to others around her as well as myself."

Josh Watson.

Tracey is one of the most amazing and inspiring people I have met. I have done her best year yet and loved it. She offers fantastic business advice and has a very positive outlook for every person she helps. Highly recommend for her coaching and the best year yet.
Julie Mazur, Business Owner


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