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One-on-one leadership coaching

Leadership Excellence is One on One coaching.  If you are a leader, you don't have to go this alone.  I know you are great at what you do, I know you are passionate, capable and resilient, but I also know from experience what a lonely road leadership can be.  It really doesn't need to be that way.

Why is one-on-one leadership coaching so powerful? 

  • You will have 'outside eyes' looking in.
  • You get an objective sounding board.
  • You get someone who doesn't need anything from you emotionally. 
  • The fortnightly meetings will ensure you build and maintain momentum.
  • You will have accountability and we will figure out why if you miss the mark.


The best way to know if I'm the right person for you, is to meet!  Simply book a time that works for you and we can get started with a 1/2 hour, no strings attached, exploratory session.  I get to see what you need and you get to see if we are a fit.

Okay I'm in! Now what?

Choose the Payment Option that suits you

All these amounts include GST.

  • Monthly payment of $575.

  • Fortnightly payment of $287.50.

  • Weekly payment of $165.


You can book your own appointments.

In order to establish the momentum, I recommend meeting every two weeks over a 90 day cycle.  My diary gets booked up two weeks in advance so I recommend you book all the appointments immediately.  It is easy to reschedule should the need arise.  

Want to talk to a human?

Don't see dates that work for you?  You can email Kirsty if you want to organise your dates with a lovely human.

One-on-one Leadership Coaching Testimonial

"Working with Tracey has been one of the best investments I've made.  The way we think has so much impact on the way be act and the results we get.  Tracey helped me understand some of the things going on in me that were only serving to sabotage the outcomes I wanted.  Her unique unassuming way is incredibly empowering and I always came away feeling inspired that change can come by implementing the strategies we discussed.  She has made a lasting impact on my life and I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting more out of life, but not knowing how to
break out of their current limitations." 



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