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"As difficult as teamwork is to measure and achieve, its power cannot be denied.  When people come together and set aside their individual needs for the good of the whole, they can accomplish what might have looked impossible on paper." 
Patrick Lencinoi.

Leadership team coaching - building your people

Great organisations start with great teams.  Great teams start with great leadership.  Great leadership requires courageous, "long game", visionaries who are willing to create uncomfortable conversations, face the truth and roll up their sleeves to do the simple, but hard work.

Once off training days only serve to create awareness and give the momentary boost of excitement, but real long lasting change only comes when we identify the Real limitations and work with our biology to create new ways of sustainable, repeatable success.  This is a year long process that works with the leadership team equipping them to clarity vision, build team mastery and shift the culture and health of the organisation.  This involves quarterly off site and individual coaching for leaders.

If you have constraints, unhealthy patterns and dysfunction within your team, and you are a leader, I would love to chat.

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The 6 Types of Working Genius

I have completed the Working Genius Certification Training offered through the Table Group. As a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, I have received hands-on training from the Table Group team and been equipped with the tools and resources to help people leverage the Working Genius model with individuals, teams and organisations.

This model can be used in a variety of ways to bring greater success and fulfilment:

  • Leadership development/coaching

  • Job alignment adjustments

  • Team cohesion and productivity

  • Creating a common language for

  • Clarity around stages of work

Leadership Team Coaching for Organisational Health

2020 - 2023

I was a member of the professional network of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group—CAPAPRO (which stands for the Consultant and Practitioner Alliance). As a member, I received ongoing, exclusive professional development, tools and training directly from Lencioni and his team at the Table Group about how to best help clients utilize their proven approach to achieve organizational health until the membership was sunsetted by The Table Group in 2023. In so doing, I specifically help:

  • Teams overcome the dysfunctions that impede performance and optimize cohesion.

  • Organizations create clarity that minimizes politics and confusion and maximizes alignment.

  • Managers improve employee engagement and productivity

  • Leaders become more effective

Leadership Team Coaching Testimonial

"Since working with Tracey we have been able to formalise our three year vision and clarify the direction of the company going forward with a change in name, recommitment to direction and fundamental non-negotiables in the company and more importantly design a workable process to bring all our staff on board.

A vivid nautically themed vision has provided a framework for all stakeholders in the company to have input and ownership of the direction and the agreed operating principals of the company.

Tracey has through a number of exercises and group sessions allowed me to lead the staff towards where we want to be in a lively, fun and inclusive manner.

Staff are generally excited about where we are going and when issues occur and old bad habits start to develop I have found the one on one session with Tracey invaluable in focusing on the core aspects to our direction and allowing me to formulate ways to bring people back to the route we have chosen.

I have also enjoy having a sounding board that isn’t tied up in the day to day issues and drudgery and can remind me of the bigger picture and activities required to bring the vision to life."



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