If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.



I work with leaders to unlock, ignite and equip them so that they, in turn, can build, release and empower others. Let's...

  •  Unlock your potential.
  •  Ignite your vision.
  •  Equip you with tools to overcome obstacles.
  •  Build your team.

Let's do it NOW!

I offer Hamilton leadership coaching but can also work with you wherever you are in NZ.


Leadership Excellence

One on one coaching


Building your people


Building your business


"The team & I have worked with Tracey for 4 years now. Tracey has been great. She has helped the team & I to understand our individual strengths and weaknesses and we have been equipped with how to balance these.  We have a better understanding of our core values and have been able to focus on creating a great team culture. As builders working together on the same site all day it's very important our staff understand each other and work cohesively as a team to carry out their daily duties. We have stepped up another level since having Tracey in. 

We recommend her services. There is great value they will provide to your business."


"The great thing about working with someone like Tracey is they help your team to see things that otherwise you wouldn’t see on your own.  In our case, the team members got to understand each other a lot better, through the strengths assessment.  As a result, we play to each other’s strengths a lot better than in the past, which makes us a better team all round.

Another advantage of our work with Tracey is that we have identified a number of bottlenecks in our systems and procedures, and we are actively working to address that.  The ongoing follow-up with Tracey is helping us to stay on track, so we can make measurable progress and become a better company in the end."




The best way to know if I'm the right person for you, is to meet!  Simply book a time that works for you and we can get started with a 1/2 hour, no strings attached, exploratory session.  I get to see what you need and you get to see if we are a fit

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Playing it safe, isn't so safe.

Part of being a leader requires you to be open and ready for change and growth. As the world changes, leaders need to adjust and be prepared to lead others in that change. This requires us to beRead more

Dying on the right hill.

We had an incident happen recently that had the potential to spiral into something nasty. Early this week I woke up to a very long and angry text involving my son and then a string of textsRead more

Why is your WHY so important?

What makes you get up in the morning and do what you do? Why does your business exist? Why do you lead others? Why do we do the things we do? What would happen if your business ceased to existRead more

Accountability - the art of telling the truth in love.

I work with a lot of teams and the one thing most teams score the lowest in their team assessment is Accountability. It is especially hard in teams that like each other too. I have found thatRead more

Where do leaders go to find refuge?

Over the last few weeks I have sensed a battle weariness in leaders that I have come into contact with.  It has stirred a huge compassion in me. A lot of focus has been on making sure your employeesRead more

Naked Leadership

Brené Brown frames a leader as "anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential. Leadership is not about titles orRead more

Listen, tell, repeat!

This year is turning out to be a very interesting and rewarding year.  A few years ago, I paused to take some time to get clear on what type of work I wanted to do and what kinds of people andRead more

Is Artificial Harmony slowing you down?

Conflict! There are very few people in the world that can honestly say they love conflict and spend their days seeking it out. Most of us just want to get along with others. In fact, we are trainedRead more

The gift of the restart.

And just like that, we have just a few days to Christmas. Oh my goodness, what a year? To say we live in interesting times seems like an understatement. I am sure you are looking forward toRead more

Is the Great Resignation really a thing in NZ?

There is a phrase being bandied about on LinkedIn and on global business platforms at the moment. So, I did some intense research, I asked Google, “Is the great resignation happening in…" well Read more

Owning Your Superpower.

Every now and then, I bump up against that old Tall poppy syndrome. Knowing what I bring to the table helps me to stand strong. It also helps to have people in your life who don't let you play smallRead more

Creativity as a Strategy!

I love what I do! I know, I am incredibly blessed, because lots of people don’t. They go to work and do a job, for some it  is just a way to pay the bills, for some it’s an awful experience Read more

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