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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.


Little Boxes

The title 'little boxes' always makes me think of the song Little Boxes.  My favourite version is from Walk off the Earth. Video link below. You’re welcome. I digress…
I am not a fan of little boxes; I am talking about the little boxes we create for ourselves and others.  So, when it came to looking for tools that could unlock people’s understanding of themselves and others, I have always been a huge fan of CliftonStrengths, I love this tool because it doesn’t put people into boxes. It allows for people’s individuality.  And that is just one of the things I love about it.
So, when Patrick introduced his new model to us on a Zoom call in 2020 probably a day after it was invented, I have to be honest I wasn’t that impressed.  It seemed too simple, but after working with it for 2+ years, that is the whole point.  It is simple and, in its simplicity, its power.
Once I have explained the model and concept and put everyone’s genius, competencies, and frustrations on the whiteboard you can see the lights switching on.  People immediately get it, and they can see where the gaps are.
The 6 types of Working Genius is a 20% personality and 80% productivity tool.  WIDGET is how work gets done.  They are all important and you need them all to get a piece of work done well. 
Each of us has two Working Genius these are things that we are great at and give us joy and energy, just like those thermos coffee mugs, it keeps it hot for ages.
We each have two working Competencies, which are things we are good at but don’t love especially over a long period.  It is like a takeaway cup of coffee; it gets cold pretty fast.
We also have two working frustrations, these are the things that we don’t love, and are not good at.  Sometimes we’d rather have our toenails pulled out than do them ;-). Or maybe that is just me. ;-)  This is like a coffee cup with a hole in it.
Working Genius is fast becoming my favourite tool to use for helping people understand themselves and others.  And when we understand ourselves and others we have less judgement and more compassion for one another which builds trust which makes excellent teams. 
The six types are

  • W: People with Wonder Genius are always looking for ways to improve things. They see the potential in situations and are always asking questions.

  • I: People with Invention Genius confirms the importance of that need and generates an idea or solution. They are creative and come up with new ideas.

  • D: People with Discernment Genius are good at assessing ideas and making decisions. They evaluate the merit and workability of the idea or solution.

  • G: People with Galvanising Genius are great at generating enthusiasm and action around the idea or solution. They are great at motivating and inspiring others.

  • E: People with Enabling Genius are good at providing support and resources to others. They can help people make their ideas a reality.

  • T: People with Tenacity Genius are persistent and determined. They are not afraid of hard work and are willing to see things through to the end.  

It is a great model for understanding individual geniuses, and the 6 types of Working Genius are especially powerful when used to build better teams. By understanding the different types of Working Geniuses, team leaders can create roles and assignments that play to each person's geniuses. They can also create a culture of collaboration and support that allows everyone to contribute their unique gifts.
Overall, Patrick Lencioni's 6 types of Working Genius is a valuable tool for understanding individual geniuses and building better teams. It is a model that is simple to understand, yet powerful in its ability to help people work together more effectively.

Warning:  It will stay in your head for ages... ;-)


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