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A crispy base of positive psychology accents the unique flavours (strengths) of each team member to discover what makes them tick. Suitable for teams of all appetites and dietary preferences. 

ALLERGENS: Fluff Free, Hugging Free, Touchy Feely Free, Trust Falling Free.


Create your team’s Rally Cry with this interactive dining experience. Our head chef will guide you as you set a single, near-term priority for you and your team. A popular choice among those looking to lead the charge in a clear direction.


This platter of four unique, distinct meetings was created so teams could say goodbye at last to the awful Meeting Stew. Unlike its predecessor, Meeting Stew, The Anti-Meeting Stew is easier to digest and much more effective as each meeting is identifiable rather than being thrown together in one session.


Dig into a selection of Core Values to identify how you behave as an organization and the values that everyone will be guided by. A staple among healthy organisations, this simple dish is not a marketing-driven exercise, nor for the faint of heart. 

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