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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.


The gift of the restart.

And just like that, we have just a few days to Christmas. Oh my goodness, what a year? To say we live in interesting times seems like an understatement. I am sure you are looking forward to downing tools and getting some much-needed downtime as the end of the year leaps towards us. I know I am.
This year I did something different, I took a week at the end of November to take some time out to get my head around what 2022 will look like for me. I normally take a half-day to do my own Create Your Best Year yet process, but this year was very full and I could feel I was running out of steam quickly.  So I took the offer of a friends bach at Taupo and went alone for a full week. It was so good, I have already booked it in for the end of next year.

There is something very powerful about looking back over the year to not only celebrate the good things that happened but also to capture the lessons for the things that weren’t so good. It is a great time to check the paradigm that I have been operating in and to do a reshape if necessary to ensure I don’t repeat history.

Many years ago, I used to dread the end of years, because there would be so many goals left undone, but since doing this process I rarely create goals that don’t align with my values so apart from a horrid little matter of a pandemic these days I normally achieve my goals without selling my soul.

It was great to see that out of the ten I set out to do, only one I didn’t achieve, which was the right decision considering the year we had and two of  them, I have decided to carry forward into 2022. By the time the 1st week in January comes around, I will have my one-page plan for 2022 in the front of my paper diary all ready to go. It is a great process and a great feeling to have clarity about what is most important and which direction I will be heading towards.

New years are a chance to restart, to wipe the slate clean, but it is also a great time to honour what has come before, whether good or bad. Let’s not waste the lessons learned and the victories won. Instead of starting from scratch, let’s build on what we have done before. 

Next year I have decided to do my Create Your Best Year Yet Workshop a little differently. I thought it would be good to take 12 ladies into the beautiful kiwi surrounds of The Bush Boardroom. The spaces are filling up fast, but if you are keen use this link to book in.

So as we finish off another year, I hope that you will take the time to celebrate what you did achieve and make note of how you did that and look at the lessons from the disappointment, but most of all I really hope you will be getting some rest, because let's face it, it was quite a year.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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