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Create Your Best Year Yet Workshops

Creating Your Best Year Yet

This workshop takes you through 10 powerful questions that will have you holding a workable plan that ensures you achieve your best year yet. And the best part, it is fun! Take control of your destiny, come and join us as we create the best plan for a successful and fulfilling year. 

You will receive a workbook and a free half hour session with Tracey Olivier to ensure your success.

What will you get out of this workshop?

  • Forces you to take some time out to work on your dreams and desires.
  • Looking over the last year and finding the lessons in the high's and low's.
  • Create 3 guidelines that will lead you through 2022.
  • Find out what is limiting you and how to stop it.
  • Identify your real values.
  • Acknowledge which roles you focus on this year.
  • Identify your top ten value driven goals.

This is what Janet said about the Create Your Best Year Yet Course:

"I am a business owner, wife and Mum.  In the year of a significant birthday, I realised that my life was passing me by and that I wasn’t having a lot of fun in it. 

Before my BYY, I sat down with a coffee in between meetings and thought about what I wanted for MYSELF for my year. 

On the day, I worked through some stuff, I set down my 10 things to achieve for the year, put them out into the universe, and blow me down!   Things started happening with what felt like very little input from me, and I had the most incredible, amazing, fulfilling year.     Now I am too scared NOT to do it, because amazing things happen out of this course.  I cannot tell you how or why, but they do!!! 

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants something different from what they have now.  If you want MORE and BETTER, this is the first step on the journey."


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