The Journey from Here to There eBook



by Tracey Olivier

The Journey from Here to There is one woman's story as much as it is the story of anyone who has set out from the familiar place called "Here" towards life in a new land called "There". The journey metaphor describes our decision to change something about our current state so that we can break out of the rut we're in and fulfil the purpose we were created for.

For Tracey Olivier, finding her purpose led to her starting a networking group, and then a magazine, to inspire, encourage and equip small business owners - and then onto life coaching, her current specialisation. But like Tracey's journey which she describes inthe book, moving from Here to There is a road fraught with challenges which cause many people to turn back and give up on their dreams. The heart of Tracey's book is about the valley - what she calls the Valley of Insight - that lies between Here and There, and how we can successfully deal with the wilderness, the giants and the forests that occupy this valley. Victory is ours if we stay the course in this difficult terrain, and when we get There, we can enjoy the fruits of our new-found success while we survey how far we have come. When we have settled in one place for a while, our feet start to itch again and a new journey begins. Tracey gives readers a set of tools to help them recognise exactly where they are on their journey and what they need to do to move to the next stage. She also provides handy tips on how to approach the question of finding one's purpose, how to find one's 'blueprint' and how to take the first step out of the rut of disharmony.

The book is written simply and visually, with plenty of space for personal reflection to encourage readers to look down at where they're standing, ask the tough questions, dream big dreams, and set out in the direction of their calling.
The Journey From Here to There is for anyone who has ever wondered whether there is more to life than they are experiencing, be it on an individual level or corporately, such as a business or a church. Tracey's honesty and humour, combined with her professional insight, make this book an ideal travelling companion on the road to a purpose-filled life.  

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