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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.


Happy New Year!!

It feels like it has been a year since I have blogged, I just checked, it has been at least six months. Yikes! 2016 has been a huge year for us as a family, there has been much growth, lots of highlights and a good few disappointments. Looking back though, there has been no regrets. To me that always marks a good year.

I am going to resist going through the cheesy “new page” metaphor’s and get straight to the message that is brewing in my heart. Look, I cannot guarantee it won’t be cheesy, or positive, this is who I am after all, but I think at this time of the year, we just rehash and take out what we do each year, we dust it off and say the things we think people want or need to hear.

I do believe that this year is bristling with this two words, they keep coming up. Promise and Potential.

promise |ˈprɒmɪs|
1 a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen: what happened to all those firm promises of support? | [ with infinitive ] : I did not keep my promise to go home early.
• [ in sing. ] an indication that something is likely to occur: dawn came with the promise of fine weather.
2 [ mass noun ] the quality of potential excellence: he showed great promise even as a junior officer.

potential |pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃ(ə)l|
having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future: a campaign to woo potential customers.

1 [ mass noun ] latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness: a young broadcaster with great potential | [ count noun ] : the potentials of the technology were never wholly controllable.

I have a cheesy habit of naming the year each year, it’s a thing I do and over the years I have looked back and realised the power of it. It was as if I spoke a promise over the year, and with it I had a sense of what that would look like, but each year I have notice that although it didn’t look like I thought it would the Word- The Promise- I spoke over it was exactly that, but so much more. For example, in 2010, it was the Year of the Pen, the promise was that I would write lots of articles for magazines, by the end of that year, I was the Owner and Editor of a magazine.

When I woke up this morning, I realised that I didn’t have a word for 2017. I didn’t panic, it was just an observation. My next thought as I lay there was “it’s time to write again,” I am not sure why, but this last year has been tough to write, from journalling to blogging, it seems like the writing well was dry. To be honest, it still felt dry, even as I wrote the first paragraph to this blog. Well, if 2016 has taught me anything, it that I have Grit. Here is another word we need to look at standing on the threshold of 2017…

grit |grɪt|
noun [ mass noun ]
1 courage and resolve; strength of character: I’ve known few women who could match Tracey’s grit. 🙂

The reward for having the courage and resolve to do what I know to do, despite my feelings (not ignoring them, but not allowing them to stop me) is that as I wrote, I found not just one word, but two came to mind and the Well started to bubble again. Today is all about working out what you will KiSS in 2017, What will “i” Keep doing, Stop doing, or Start doing in 2017.

I wish you the Grit, to dig in to 2017 and mine all the Promise and Potential you can. Make it your Best Year Yet….

What is your Word for 2017?


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