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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.


Show up and make the request!

I recently saw a post on Facebook which got me thinking. It was by a lady we knew when we lived in Paradise Valley, and who moved to Canada many years ago. Her now grown-up daughter went to a U2 concert a few months ago, carrying this sign:

With it she got the experience of a lifetime. Here’s what happened:

We all look at Stephanie’s story and think “that only happens to people I don’t know…it’ll never happen to me”. But if we’re honest with ourselves, how many of us (1) show up and (2) make the request?

We all have desires that brew in our hearts, like that desire to play guitar on stage with U2. I’m sure that if Stephanie had had the courage to express it, many would have laughed at her and told her it was a pipe dream. How many of us have a dream or a desire? How many of us have had the courage to express that desire? Did it go well, or did it get laughed at and shot down? If it wasn’t received well, what did you do with it? Did you bury it? Did you laugh at it with the others and cast it aside, saying “What was I thinking?”

This video clip inspires me, because it shows me that when we choose to pursue our dreams and desires, no matter how crazy and unrealistic they may seem, they may very well come to light. Stephanie’s dream didn’t just stay in her head – she showed up, she bought the ticket and attended that concert. She paid the price and made the effort to get there and be in the place where possibilities could become reality. But that wasn’t enough. Not only did she pursue the dream and nurture it; not only did she pay the price and make the effort to place herself in the realm of possibility; but she had to make her dream and desire known to everyone, otherwise nothing would have happened. I am sure many looked at the sign and scoffed, or perhaps hoped briefly before dismissing that it could ever happen. But no. Stephanie stood in a crowd and made her desire known and, oh wow, I can only imagine what she was feeling as she stood in the midst of her heroes and made a memory that will forever mark her.

May this encourage you to take a look at the desires of your heart, no matter how crazy they might be, and then to show up and take action.

Who do you need to call today to make it possible?

Where do you need to show up?

What request do you need to make? Do it!


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