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"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."
Earnest Hemingway.


The long and winding road to the Promised Land!

I am always writing as I find this is a wonderful way for me to off load when I am grappling with “stuff”. This morning as I was searching for something else for my book, I came across this little gem and it was probably written about 4 or 5 years ago. I felt the emotion of that day all over again and then the joy of looking at it from this angle and I realised what has been achieved since then.

Since this little moment of vulnerability, I founded a wonderful Networking business called Kingdom Business Networking which has had much success and encouraged, equipped and connected many Business people. We have also produced 24 issues of a beautiful business magazine called Connect Magazine and had the privilege of encouraging, inspiring, igniting and equipped countless people through coaching, speaking and courses that we have facilitated.

As I stand looking at the road that lays ahead, I know there might be days were I feel like things are hard, but my walk has made me fit to walk further and longer and take on much steeper climbs now. It is with incredible gratefulness and excitement that I move forward, knowing that I will never be alone on this journey and that it is all for the glory and honour of One!

I hope that this will encourage you today:
I recently went for my usual morning walk, armed with my bright yellow Dumbbells and learnt a valuable lesson along the way.

It has been a particularly hard week following a particularly hard series of months. Starting a business from scratch in the middle of a recession can be a tough. Anyway, back to the walk. I was feeling a little low and started chatting to God and thinking about the load that I was carrying, all the things that were weighing me down, work, kids, kids schooling, live in Father-in-Law, finances, etc. The more I thought about these things the heavier I felt until it all got to much and I was walking down the road sobbing, I had a few inquiring stares and would just pull my cap down to try cover up.
At one point of the walk, I felt as if my legs were lead and the 2kgs Dumbbells in my hands weighed 200kgs and it all got too much and I said to the Lord, I just can’t anymore, it is all too much. I feel so alone. I can’t walk this road anymore. Both of us knew I wasn’t referring to the walk as much as my “walk” in life.

This is the conversation that then took place in my heart:
“My child, what are you going to do then, do you want to stop and sit here on the road?”
“No, that would be silly and dangerous, no one is coming to fetch me and I will not get anywhere and will be a sitting duck for mischief makers.”
“Do you want to go back the way you came?” He then asked.
I looked back and realised that I was at the end of my route. “No Lord, that would be silly I am nearly there, it would be longer to go back.”

I thought about my life, and realised that I had reached a point in my life where going back is not an option, because there is nothing there for me anymore.

“Well then, what is your only option?” he asked and I am sure I could hear a smile in His voice.
“To put one foot in front of the other, to carry on, one step at a time, to trust you and to know that all this is for my good.” And I did, one hard step at a time and the more I focus on Him in my daily walk the lighter the journey becomes. I made it home and as I came around the corner and saw my house and I felt God whisper lovingly into my heart, “Trust in Me [the Lord] with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Me [Him] and I [He] will direct your paths.”

Proverbs 3: 5-6
Tell me about your walk? Have you just started? Are you at a crossroads? Have you come to what seems like a dead end? Leave your comments below.


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