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If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together. African Proverb.

Dr. Henry Cloud talks about the four corners of connection in his book "The Power of the Other". He confirms what many studies are showing that when we have the right people around us there is nothing we can't achieve.  The Power and benefit of Real Connection has lead me to create this group coaching intervention.  I have created the framework for authentic robust conversations, high level coaching and mentoring, solid accountability and inspiration that will ensure you smash that ceiling that has been holding you in place and build and sustain real momentum.

What is the Leadership Alliance?

Monthly meeting with your peers where you do real work on yourself and your business.

  • You will be part of developing a group of trusted wise counselors.
  • Coaching around a topic that will ignite growth.
  • Financial Check in with a mentor.
  • Motivational Speaker each month who will inspire you with new ideas or wisdom.

This group is for hungry, humble and smart leaders who will be willing to put the work in. If you are serious about creating some signifant change, both personally and in business contact me on tracey@traceyolivier.com today.


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