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Testimonial from Leadership Haven 2022-2023

"Tracey's passion for leadership and getting people together has made a huge impact and helped me get through some difficult times.  The Leadership Haven initiative that she created, has given me the opportunity to sit in a room with intelligent successful people and talk real, share, and ask for advice around some challenging times.  She navigates different personalities exceptionally well and the teachings/learnings she has provided have helped me immensely.  Tracey is one of the great humans that selflessly help others and we're lucky to have her around!"

Damian Sicely, COO at Tawa Group


Welcome to the Courageous Leaders Cohort Program – a transformative six-month journey designed exclusively for forward-thinking Church and Business leaders aged 30-55. This dynamic program is meticulously crafted to empower leaders with a profound understanding of their identity, purpose, and strategies for success.

Join our exclusive cohort to:

Discover Your Leadership Identity: Uncover your strengths, geniuses, core values, and personal principles to build a robust leadership framework that aligns with your unique qualities.

Clarify Your Purpose: Dive deep into the question of "Why am I here?" Define your individual purpose, identify your assignment, and learn who you are meant to serve.

Align Your Role with Your "Assignment": Understand the significance of your current role, ensure alignment with your calling, and overcome obstacles hindering your progress.

Strategies for Success: Develop a comprehensive strategy with clear tactics, goals, and milestones, enhancing your ability to achieve your leadership objectives.

Build a Powerful Network: Evaluate your current network, identify key connections, and learn the art of collaboration and gleaning. Embrace the principle that all shall prosper.

Create a Game Plan: Craft a playbook for success, establishing accountability and a clear roadmap for your leadership journey.

Immerse yourself in a curated reading list, including influential books like "The Motive," "Good to Great," "Leadership and Self-Deception," "Changemaker," "Dare to Lead," and "The Advantage."

Be Inspired by incredible speakers.


Purpose: A common purpose unites our cohort, creating the foundation for a powerful movement.

Stretch: Embrace a safe space where ideas, beliefs, and character can be stretched and challenged.

Pause: Experience a unique overnight stay, stepping away from the routine to connect, learn, and grow together.

Potential: Envision the possibilities when the right people come together in the right place at the right time, believing anything is possible.

Apply now

This exclusive program is open to open-minded church and business leaders in leadership roles aged 30-55. There are only 6 places, and they are by invitation only.

Apply now for a life-changing experience.

The gathering will be held monthly and in the Waikato.

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